Love Elixer

Open Your Heart

How can it change your life?

The Love Elixir opens the heart.

By opening the heart, you are fully able to receive love, money, abundance and more. Your heart gets a voice and makes it possible to connect with others and with the environment, but above all with yourself. The Love Elixir lowers barriers around the heart, reveals your heart power and promotes creation from heart energy.

You will be held in confidence. Not by the Divine, but wholly and completely by yourself.

The Love Elixer

  • If you’re looking for true connection
  • If you want to create from the heart
  • When you want to remove blockages in and around the heart
  • If you want to make room in the heart for receiving love
  • For trauma processing
  • For attracting love and happiness
  • For connecting with your higher self
  • When you want to live more in feeling instead of in your head
  • To show your true self
  • For processing fear of commitment and fear of intimacy and love
  • For increasing intimacy within your relationship(s)
  • For promoting financial and material well-being

Creation of the Love Elixer

I received this recipe through channeling from a Mayan priest. He revealed himself to me after my visit to the King’s Chamber in the Egyptian Pyramid after I reunited with my original soul family. Since then it appears when I work with natural substances such as herbs, gemstones and water. From time to time I receive directions and recipes for a specific remedy, elixir or other emulsion that is beneficial for the body, mind, energy and soul.

The Love Elixir came in spontaneously with very specific instructions. All ingredients and the way it had to be made and processed were shown step by step. The process is completed after 3 Super Full Moons, 2 eclipses, the blessing of Aphrodite and carries the energy of planet Venus.

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